Ganesh Sky Balloon

We are the manufacturer since 1997 in Delhi of Advertising Sky Balloon and Advertising Air Inflatables.

Advertising Sky Balloons

This is the Advertising Sky Balloon is like a ball which is field with Helium/Hydrogen gas for fly it in the sky. 

Ganesh Advertising Balloon

Inflatable Air Dancer

About Air Dancer

Ganesh Sky Balloon is the manufacturer of advertising sky balloons since 1997 in Delhi. We are manufacturing different shape of advertising sky balloons like Elephant, square, Kite, Broom and Heart.

we are Manufacturing advertising air dancer on regular basis. We have manufacturing air dancer for many clients like as TVS ANJIKAR. Item Code : SD- 120 Size : 12 feet Accessories : Half HP electric blower and Printing Material : Nylon Fabric

Air Dancer is looks like a pillar. It's used for promotion and advertising. We can place it anywhere and is made by 0.05 mm nylon fabric. It's inflate with the help of electric blower.

Ganesh Advertising Inflatables

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