How long is the order processing time?

FAQ About Sky Balloon Q.1 manufacturing time for normal/ regular balloons Ans. It takes 3 to 4 days Q.2 How many Sizes are available in the Sky Balloon? Ans.  8 feet Dia.         10 feet Dia.           12 feet Dia. Q.3 Which material you used for making this Balloon? Ans.  PVC material. Q.4Which type of gas shall be used for fly this Balloon? Ans.  Hydrogen or Helium. Q.5 Can we use lightning in this type of Balloon? Ans.  Yes, with the help of only Helium gas we can use the Light. Q.6 How many Cylinder will be use for full fill an Empty Balloon? Ans. It depends upon size, i.e. 08 feet Dia. – 2-3 Cylinder of 7 cubic meter. 10 feet Dia. – 3-4 Cylinder of 7 cubic meter. 12 feet Dia. – 4-5 Cylinder of 7 cubic meter. Q.7 What is the cost of hydrogen and helium gas? Ans. Hydrogen…Rs. 2,000 around per 7 cubic meter Cylinder. Helium…Rs. 15,000 around per 7 cubic meter Cylinder. Q.8 How many days will required for refilling the Gas in Balloon? Ans. After 2 or 3 days half a gas cylinder have to refilled in the Balloon. Q.9 What is the life of Balloons material? Ans. 6 month if the balloon is flying continuously. Q.10 Can we repair this types of Balloons? Ans.  Yes, it is a repairable thing. We provide puncture kit. Q.11 What we have to put the balloon down every day? Ans. No it’s not compulsory in normal weather. Q.12 Which types of painting we can use on Sky Balloon? Ans. We can use Vinyl paste or Manual Hand painting for branding on Balloon. Q.13 Can we change the branding matter on balloon? Ans. Yes, we can remove the previous matter after that paste the new printed Vinyl sticker on Balloon. Precaution : The Hydrogen gas is a fire instant gas, so at the time of filling and take out the gas, please keep away from any fire work. I.e. Smoking, sparking etc. Thanks & Regards, ​ Surender Singh GANESH SKY BALLOON Address... D-1/155, Aman Vihar, Near Budh Bazar Road, Street No.- 7, Sultanpuri, New Delhi- 110086. Mo. +91-9312520979, 9871221084, 9718759179 E mail Id:,, Websites:,,,

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